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V3 Select Lacrosse

2018 Fall Boys Teams

Supplemental Tryouts for the 2018 Fall Season Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 -

Virginia Beach Sportsplex Athletic Fields.  

Fall Teams


  • Boys Collegiate 2019/2020 
  • Boys HS 2021 
  • Boys HS 2022 
  • Boys 2023 
  • Boys 2024 
  • Boys 2025 


  • Boys 2026 
  • Boys 2027 
  • Boys 2028

Register to tryout at this link:  http://assn.la/Reg/?r=3:168145


Fall Schedule - Click Here to View

Address: VA Beach Sportsplex, Regional Training Center, 2068 Landstown Centre Way, Virginia Beach, VA.

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Player Selection Process

V3 Select teams and Collegiate teams periodically have openings due to player relocation, injury, family emergencies, academic probation etc.  We also do player evaluations each year as players age up to the next grade level.


IF there are open roster slots after Training participants are selected, there will be supplemental open tryouts.


V3 Staff runs a “Rolling Selection” process throughout the season to consider new players.  We select players to invite in the following ways:


  1. Direct nomination by one of our staff player evaluation coaches

  2. Observation of player in games with another league or club by one of our evaluators

  3. Periodic player skill clinics that are scheduled several times per season

  4. Coach evaluation during one of our regularly scheduled training sessions for that grade


To be considered, you must register via our website - there is no cost to do this.  Once you are registered, we will inform you of upcoming group clinic sessions or put a coach directly in contact with you to arrange a time for evaluation.


As a benefit, you will also have an opportunity to meet your prospective teammates and coaches and experience the style and tempo of our training.  We have found that this is an optimal way for everyone to become comfortable that we have a good mutual fit!


If you are found to be qualified, an invitation will be emailed to you along with program details.  The invitation expires 7 days after it is sent and your slot will be released to the next person on the waiting list if you do not accept and place your payment within that time frame.  You can request reconsideration if you are bypassed to the extent position slots remain open.  We have limits per position on each roster in addition to an overall maximum.


V3 Lacrosse is a US Lacrosse Member Organization.  All players are required to join US Lacrosse

For additional information:
Email: fglogan@v3lax.org

twitter: @v3lax | facebook.com/v3lax | instagram: #v3lax