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V3 Select Boys Helmet Store


Open now 10/8 and closes this Sunday, 10/14 at midnight. If we have the helmets ordered by Monday the 15th, we have an expected arrival date of 10/29

V3 Select Boys Uniform Store

The V3 Lacrosse Uniform store is closed - the Fall order will close at 8pm on Wednesday 19SEP.  

Please use this information to access the store:

Website URL: https://stores.inksoft.com/v3_lacrosse

The Uniform store will re-open for Christmas delivery and Spring season orders approximately 1Nov.

All players must have a Sublimated Uniform and a V3 Lacrosse practice pinnie.  The new uniform and pinnie are compatible with the 2018 summer sets so returning players that have those in good condition do not need to purchase a new set.

We have a limited number of Sublimated uniforms in stock as well as additional shorts and shooters coming in the end of October.

Jersey numbers will be assigned in the order of player registration AFTER your uniform order is placed.  If there are any conflicts in requested numbers,  preference is given to returning players starting at the highest grade and working down.  Instructions for number assignments will come out separately and do not impact placing your order.

White cleats and socks are standard for V3 Select teams.  

Navy or Navy & White gloves are preferred but not required.

All players on 2023, 2022, 2021 or High Shool teams must either order a red Cascade helmet (CPXR, CPVR, R or S) 

If your players helmet is 36 months or older from date of manufacture, we recommend you replace it with a more modern one that affords better concussion resistance.  

For High School players (2021, 2020, 2019 & 2018) - your helmet must be NOCSAE certified (which all of the Cascade helmets are for 36 months) and either be within 3 years from date of manufacture or sent to an authorized refurbishment and certification agency annually thereafter.  More details will be sent on this soon.

There is also a small selection of player and family apparel as well as various equipment - entirely optional and will ship separately from the sublimated uniforms.